Free Shipping On All Orders Over £200

Shipping & Returns

We offer UPS Next Day Air for an additional charge that is calculated during checkout. Please note that Overnight delivery can only arrive on business days (Monday–Friday). Orders placed on Friday with Overnight delivery will be delivered on Monday.

Address Changes

If you submit your order and find a problem with your address, you will need to contact us immediately. You cannot change your address online – only we Representative can adjust your address.
Don’t worry! We can change your address for free until your order has shipped. After shipment, fees apply (see below). Please contact us by email using this form to inform us immediately of any address changes.

Address Changes After Shipment

Please contact us via e-mail to request any address changes after shipment.

If you receive the shipping confirmation email, your package has shipped. We cannot change your address any longer. There are no exceptions – when you receive the shipping confirmation email, your package has left the warehouse. All changes after this time must be filed with UPS and address change fee applies.

We can request that UPS halt the package and re–label it with your new address. A address change fee and a delay of up to 24 hours will apply to your delivery.

We apologize, but this fee exists regardless of how large or small the change is. A single digit on the zip code or an apartment number added will still incur this fee. We can’t avoid it– it is the UPS address change fee.

Apartment numbers in particular provide a problem for UPS when they are missing. If your address is missing the apartment number, you will need to call us and accept this charge so we can add it to your shipment. We are sorry, but UPS will not deliver without the apartment number to an apartment complex of any kind. Without an apartment number, UPS will eventually return the package to us. We are happy to reship your order for free, or to refund you for it upon its return. However, we cannot add an apartment number or change the address in any manner without the fee applied.